Unique Interior Design Ideas for your Home

Have you bought a new home or want to upgrade your old home? There are many decor pieces that you can use to spruce up the look of your space. These may include antique wall art, mirrors, furniture and chandeliers in most online stores. However, your choice of doors, windows, mirrors and staircase matter, and bespoke glass is a unique way to adorn your home.You can use it on your walls, doors, windows and other places in your home.

 Here are unique design ideas for your home:

  1. Bespoke mirrors

Mirrors have long been used to create the illusion of space in the home. They are perfect choices for space-constrained areas and will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Bespoke mirrors are worth considering and come in a vast collection of finishes. You can go for polished or bevelled edges to give your room that stunning appeal.

  1. Bespoke interior glass doors

Bespoke glass doors on your interiors will transform the look of your home and will improve the feel and comfort of your space. The good thing about these doors is you’ll get products to fit the size and shape of your existing door opening. For instance, if your doors are unusually sized or shaped, rather than the usual shapes and squares, you will get what fits your needs.

  1. Bespoke glass windows for added personality!

Bespoke glass allows you to choose what matches your space. You can get windows that suit your décor needs and personality, thus improving the look of your home. Your color choices are endless, and you can choose different hues for your interiors and exteriors. Moreover, the

Bespoke Home Glass Solutions in The Cotswolds offers various custom glass windows, and you can always get one to suit your exact requirements.

The types of bespoke glass windows to consider are;

  • Pane windows
  • Sealed windows
  • Stained windows
  • Glazed windows
  • Aluminium glass windows
  • Frameless aluminium windows
  1. Glass Balustrades

A glass balustrade is a great way to create a barrier system in your home. It incorporates glass panels with supporting posts known as balusters and will define boundaries offering a good view of your patio or balcony.

 Glass balustrades are designed to match your exact requirements and feature toughened glass to meet safety standards. A glass balustrade will create a sleek and stunning look in your home, thus raising its value.

Frameless glass balustrades are ideal for a modern or minimalistic home, and there are various reasons to choose them.

  • Easy maintenance: Frameless balustrades are easy to maintain and clean, and you can clean them with warm water, soap and loth. They don’t require sanding or painting to protect the glass against wear, pests or mold.


  • Customizable: They come in various dimensions allowing you to choose a glass panel size and shape to fit your staircase or deck. You can also go for framed styles if you don’t fancy the frameless option.


Every homeowner craves to have that beautiful space in the home. There are various ways to achieve this. Therefore, shop for quality and unique products from leading manufacturers and have bespoke glass on top of your list!

Kylen Ayan

The author Kylen Ayan